Tuesday, 14 June 2016


We had a really great Junior Lego Competition this week - the library was full to bursting with excited junior children who all wanted to win the title of Junior Lego Champ!  The kids had to build somewhere that they would like to live, and we had some fantastically creative and inventive creations such as a zoo, spy hotel, campervan, stable house, rocketship, pyramids, Frozen-land and lots more!  Gosh, it was noisy in that library!

Anyway, the judges were very impressed with the creations and it was terribly hard to choose just a few when lots of them could've got a prize.  But choose they did, so now we can announce the winners.... another drum roll please!...

1st place - Jack Abbott
2nd place - Adyn Weber
3rd place - Franco Gelid, Annie Nielson-Annett and Grace Erskineshaw
Highly commended - Noah Taylor and Sean Keeling

Junior Lego Champ - Jack 

2nd - Adyn 

3rd - Franco, Annie and Grace

Highly commended - Sean and Noah

Wonderful work, everyone!  I sure hope you've all enjoyed the Lego building competition!

Have you had enough of Lego?  No?  Want more?  OK, you got it!

Watch out for details of a new Lego competition coming in the next few days - and in the meantime, you might like to have a look at some Lego stop-motion movies on YouTube... (pssst... that's a big hint!)

Anyway, take care, kiddliwinks and enjoy your reading this week!

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