Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Hello Hello Hello!

I've been shopping and guess what I've bought for my little bookworms out there in St Mary'sland?

Yep, a ton of fabulous new magazines to appeal to you all.  Check out the latest bikes and accessories in mountain biking, read about one of the greatest free riders in the world, Kiwi Kelly McGarry, who died in February, and have a look at some of the photos from Crankworx, in NZ Mountain Biker magazine.  And if you still fancy a bit of outdoor adventure, you can  look through the NZ Outdoor Hunting magazine which is full of stories about hunting adventures.

Hunting is also covered in the NZ Horse and Pony magazine along with stories about a riding stunt school, eventing, and improving your fitness and flexibility for riding.  And there are more tips for horse and pony lovers in the Ponies! magazine.

If you love science and technology, have a look at the National Geographic 100 Big Ideas magazine which is full of amazing inventions and science breakthroughs through the centuries.  Learn more about space travel, tesla cars, stem cell research, the Hubble telescope, the Big Bang Theory, 3D printing, virtual reality, and the list goes on...