Monday, 26 October 2015

Hello Hello Hello, my little Bookworms!

How was your long weekend?  Some gorgeous sunshine about!  Love it!

Firstly, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Ann Maria Jelish  from Room 15, for winning the Chromebook at Friday's assembly. I know that you will get so much enjoyment from your new Chromebook, and it will be so good for your learning too, Ann Maria!  I am so proud of all of you who handed in Reading Logs - 84% of our children - there must have been a lot of reading going on in our community over the holidays!   Well done! 

Check out the new books in the library this week...  

There are some great characters, like Fancy Nancy and Dirty Bertie, books about space, and ponies, trucks and plants and creatures in the garden.   I think my favourite has to be the Super Shark book.  It is ENORMOUS and full of facts and gorgeous pictures about these beautiful and scary creatures.  Lots of you will be excited to see the 100 Most Destructive Natural Disasters - another book in the very popular series...

Image result for dk super shark  

Happy reading, my friends!