Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Hi there Bookworms!

Check out what I bought yesterday...  some super cool magazines!

With Crankworx giving us some wonderful experiences of all things BIKES over the weekend, I thought it would be timely to get a new mountain biking magazine.  It is full of information about bikes and their accessories, profiles of the best riders, and information about really great riding tracks.  The thing I like most about this magazine is the photography - there are some absolutely fantastic photos in here, that will make you want to get out there and ride!  Lucky we live in Rotorua with some of the best MTB tracks in the world!

I know that there are LOTS of kids, especially girls, who love, love, love horses and ponies, so I'm sure they will love having a look at our NZ Horse and Pony magazine all about PONIES.  Read about all sorts of horsey stuff, including quizzes and competitions, and lots of photos of beautiful horses and ponies. Gorgeous!

Of course it is the beginning of the rugby season, and the Super 15 tournament is well underway.  Check out RUGBY World with our very own Chiefs on the cover.  Even though we have just finished the Cricket World Cup (didn't our Black Caps make us so proud?!), don't forget that we have another World Cup coming up later this year - yes the Rugby World Cup is coming in September of this year.  I can't wait!!!  So have a read in the new rugby mag about which players are predicted to shine at the World Cup.

We never seem to be able to satisfy the demand amongst the boys for HUNTING books, but they are very hard to buy, so hopefully the magazine NZ Hunter will keep you happy for now!  I don't know much about hunting myself, but there seems to be lots in the magazine about dogs, deer, pigs and rifles.  And there are some pretty interesting pictures of dead animals! 

Come and have a look!  Remember though that magazines cannot be taken home, but you can read them every time you come to the library.

Happy reading Bookworms!