Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hi de hi Bookworms!

I can't believe it is week four of this term already!  It has been a bit chilly lately so a perfect activity for a wet and cold day is... reading a great book!  Or even a great magazine.  And I've got some great magazines for you...

Check these out...

You can get completely up to date with all the latest apps, tricks and hacks for your iPad (and for Mum's iPhone).  Read about the best games, like Banana Kong or Ghostbusters.  Maybe you'd like a little Iron Man 3 or Jetpack Joyride or Pac-Man Dash.  There is also lots of information about some great educational apps that will help your learning but feel like you're playing - what could be better?!

And in The Big Book of Inventions magazine you will find all sorts of fascinating new technologies, like self driving cars, even flying cars and bionic eyes.  It explains how some of the latest inventions actually work.  Do you know how wi-fi works?  Have you heard of the Large Haddron Collider, one of the most sophisticated scientific instruments ever created?  Scientists are beginning to answer some of the biggest questions about how the universe works.  Can humans modify our climate?  Can we make it rain?  What is deep space internet and how will it change the world?  And, just like in Star Trek, do humans have the ability to teleport themselves?  How cool would that be!

So come on in to the library and have a look at our latest magazines.  Remember they are not for loan, but you can read them anytime you are in the library.  Pull up a beanbag and relax!

And while you are here have a look at the new display in the Non-Fiction area - There are Minions of Reasons to Read.   Can you spot a minion reading your favourite book?

See you soon Bookworms!