Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Hi Bookworms and Lego Legends!

Well, I'm a bit sad today as the Lego Competition is over!   What fabulous creations you all made, and what fun we all had!

The Senior School had to make a Fantastical Flying Machine, and we had all sorts of imaginative offerings last week.  Here are the winners, Seniors first then Juniors, so keep scrolling down!

The Seniors had to make a Fantastical Flying Machine...
Winners Senior Lego - Thomas Freeman, Brae Thomson and Alec Kusabs
Second Place - Finn Liley, Jacob Yates and Jack Yeoward
Third Place - Kapua Warbrick and Naomi Watson
Highly Commended - Phebe Crawford and Chad Scott

And the Juniors made MONSTERS!!!  Scary monsters, big monsters, cute monsters, small monsters...

Winners - Junior School Eleni Milliken, Luke Milliken and Charli Parkinson

Second Place - Harrison McLeod and Adam Rush

Third Place - Sophie Kemp

Highly Commended - Connor Hesom and Ariel Muchirahondo
Well done, children!  You are amazing!  You are Lego Legends!

Happy building, everyone, and enjoy your reading...

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Helloooo Bookworms and Lego Lovers!

Today was a very exciting day in the library as we had the first of our Lego Competitions at lunchtime.  This time it was for the Middle School students and we had a great turnout of boys and girls, mostly working in teams together.
The theme was Castles, so each team or child built their own version of a castle.  There were some weird and wonderful creations and it was fabulous to see how clever, imaginative and inventive our middle school children are.  Great work peeps!  Have a look at the winners and their creations below...

And the winners were....

1st Place:   James Gaston and Lilly Kautz.  First place went to a truly wonderful castle - it was fabulous and they used every block that they had!  Well done Lilly and James!
2nd Place:  Patrick Gillespie
3rd Place:  Marchant Woollacott and Aidan Nicholson
Highly Commended:  Kate Liley, Sarah Rush and                                                     Poppy Martin

 Great work!

Senior Lego Competition is on Thursday 19th June and the Juniors have their turn next week on Tuesday 24th June.

Byeeeee Bookworms!  Happy Reading!