Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hi de hi Bookworms!

Isn't it great to be back at school?!  I had a lovely summer holiday, but it was truly time to get back and see all my little bookworms, and our lovely library.

I have been very busy so far this term, getting the library up and running, recruiting some wonderful student librarians and buying new books, books and more books...  Lucky me... and lucky you, too!  The new books do take a bit of time to get ready for you to borrow them.  They need to be stamped and stickered, given a barcode, loaded onto our catalogue (that takes the longest as we need good information on the catalogue so that you can search for them on the search computers) given a classification (you know, the numbers or letters on its spine) and finally, covered and given a pink sticker... whew!

We have some great books on the new bookshelf this week, including the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book - Yippeeeeee!  Its called Hard Luck, and it is very funny!  Check out the book trailer here...

We also have a new Dork Diaries title called Holiday Heartbreak, along with a new Dr Who chapter book, for all those Dr Who fans out there - we know who you are Mrs Todd and Mrs Dunkley!

There is a cool new Pokemon Handbook, and most exciting of all for those millions of children who are constantly asking me for scary, terrifying and nerve-shattering books, the new Encyclopedia Horrifica! Full of vampires, ghosts, monsters and more, this book is chocka block full of fear facts, from Aliens to Zombies!


Come and have a look!  I bet there is something there that you will just love!

Happy reading!