Sunday, 9 November 2014

Hello Bookworms!


There's a new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book out.  Yippeeeeee!  It was only published a few days ago, so we don't have it in the library yet, but it won't be far away.

In the meantime, check out the book trailer below...  You might also want to have a look at, or subscribe to, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid YouTube channel.  There are all sorts of videos there, including author Jeff Kinney showing us how he draws the cool pictures in his books, competitions and quizzes, and book trailers for each of the Wimpy Kid books.  And the Wimpy Kid website is right HERE   Have fun!

Happy Reading, Bookworms!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Hello Bookworms!

It's nearly the end of term!  I'm so excited to think of all the things that I can do over the holidays, like go to the movies, ride my bike, go to the beach, do some sewing, and mostly, hang out in my PJ's with my girls reading a good book, or a lovely magazine, or maybe even a fun website!

The perfect beach!  (At Bondi in Australia)

You will each get a reading log with your newsletter this week.  Remember that any reading that you do over the school holidays can be recorded on your reading log and you could win a cool prize.  Have a look at the cabinet full of goodies in the school hall foyer, and you might be able to just take your pick!  Awesome!!! Just fill out your reading log and bring it back to school by Thursday in the first week of next term.  Winners will be announced at assembly on the first Friday of Term 4.

What will you be reading these holidays?  I'd love to hear from you!

Enjoy your time away from school and remember...

Have fun, laugh lots, relax, be kind, get outside, 
keep safe and read!

Take care, Bookworms - see you in Term 4!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I still believe in 398.2

Hi de hi Bookworms!

Spring is here!  Yippeeeeeee!  So pleased that it is getting warmer and sunnier for us all.  It's the perfect time to find a nice warm spot outside in the sun and relax with a great book...

Now, I bought myself a new necklace yesterday and I LOVE it.  It looks just like this...  
It says "I still believe in 398.2" and I will give a prize to the first five children who can tell me what it means. I'll give you a clue - think about the Dewey Decimal System... 

Good luck!

Happy reading, peeps!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hi de hi Bookworms!

I can't believe it is week four of this term already!  It has been a bit chilly lately so a perfect activity for a wet and cold day is... reading a great book!  Or even a great magazine.  And I've got some great magazines for you...

Check these out...

You can get completely up to date with all the latest apps, tricks and hacks for your iPad (and for Mum's iPhone).  Read about the best games, like Banana Kong or Ghostbusters.  Maybe you'd like a little Iron Man 3 or Jetpack Joyride or Pac-Man Dash.  There is also lots of information about some great educational apps that will help your learning but feel like you're playing - what could be better?!

And in The Big Book of Inventions magazine you will find all sorts of fascinating new technologies, like self driving cars, even flying cars and bionic eyes.  It explains how some of the latest inventions actually work.  Do you know how wi-fi works?  Have you heard of the Large Haddron Collider, one of the most sophisticated scientific instruments ever created?  Scientists are beginning to answer some of the biggest questions about how the universe works.  Can humans modify our climate?  Can we make it rain?  What is deep space internet and how will it change the world?  And, just like in Star Trek, do humans have the ability to teleport themselves?  How cool would that be!

So come on in to the library and have a look at our latest magazines.  Remember they are not for loan, but you can read them anytime you are in the library.  Pull up a beanbag and relax!

And while you are here have a look at the new display in the Non-Fiction area - There are Minions of Reasons to Read.   Can you spot a minion reading your favourite book?

See you soon Bookworms!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Hi Bookworms and Lego Legends!

Well, I'm a bit sad today as the Lego Competition is over!   What fabulous creations you all made, and what fun we all had!

The Senior School had to make a Fantastical Flying Machine, and we had all sorts of imaginative offerings last week.  Here are the winners, Seniors first then Juniors, so keep scrolling down!

The Seniors had to make a Fantastical Flying Machine...
Winners Senior Lego - Thomas Freeman, Brae Thomson and Alec Kusabs
Second Place - Finn Liley, Jacob Yates and Jack Yeoward
Third Place - Kapua Warbrick and Naomi Watson
Highly Commended - Phebe Crawford and Chad Scott

And the Juniors made MONSTERS!!!  Scary monsters, big monsters, cute monsters, small monsters...

Winners - Junior School Eleni Milliken, Luke Milliken and Charli Parkinson

Second Place - Harrison McLeod and Adam Rush

Third Place - Sophie Kemp

Highly Commended - Connor Hesom and Ariel Muchirahondo
Well done, children!  You are amazing!  You are Lego Legends!

Happy building, everyone, and enjoy your reading...

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Helloooo Bookworms and Lego Lovers!

Today was a very exciting day in the library as we had the first of our Lego Competitions at lunchtime.  This time it was for the Middle School students and we had a great turnout of boys and girls, mostly working in teams together.
The theme was Castles, so each team or child built their own version of a castle.  There were some weird and wonderful creations and it was fabulous to see how clever, imaginative and inventive our middle school children are.  Great work peeps!  Have a look at the winners and their creations below...

And the winners were....

1st Place:   James Gaston and Lilly Kautz.  First place went to a truly wonderful castle - it was fabulous and they used every block that they had!  Well done Lilly and James!
2nd Place:  Patrick Gillespie
3rd Place:  Marchant Woollacott and Aidan Nicholson
Highly Commended:  Kate Liley, Sarah Rush and                                                     Poppy Martin

 Great work!

Senior Lego Competition is on Thursday 19th June and the Juniors have their turn next week on Tuesday 24th June.

Byeeeee Bookworms!  Happy Reading!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Hi Bookworms!

Well it's almost the holidays, and holidays mean holiday reading!  Yippeeeee!  It's been a loooooong term and most of you have worked and played really hard, so you will be ready for a break from classes and homework, and sports, and assemblies, and your teachers.... no, surely not your teachers!

Anyway, I have a pile of books by my bed to get through during the holidays, so I am hoping that I will get some time each day to find a comfy spot - bed, sofa, beanbag, beach, in a tree - and relax with a great read. It is so enjoyable, and you never know who you might meet in a book!

So, I am hoping that you will also be doing a little bit of the same thing over the holidays - find a nice spot and lose yourself in a book... and don't forget you can win great PRIZES, just for reading!  Yes, you will each get a holiday reading log to fill in, and, as you know, you have a good chance of winning something for your efforts.

And another thing - if your class gets the highest number of reading logs handed in after the holidays (yes, it will be based on how many children in the class too), you will win ALL of the LOLLIES in the SWEET READS display in the library!  (I might even throw in some extra ones too!)

Remember you can also have some great fun on a heap of websites about your favourite book or author. Check out these websites - English Roses by Madonna,    Fancy Nancy,     Alice Miranda,     Beast Quest, Elephant and Piggie,     Skullduggery Pleasant,     Andy Griffiths,     Charlie and Lola,     Billie B Brown, Horrible Histories,     Zac Power,    Dr Seuss....  

Have a great holiday, bookworms!

See you in term 2!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Hi Bookworms!

What did you think of Jozef, our visiting cellist, this morning? Wasn't he wonderful?  What I would really like to know is how he can sing, beatbox and play the cello all at the same time!  How clever!

Here are a couple of videos from this morning's concert...  I love the way the juniors are dancing on their bottoms to the music!  Enjoy!

Hope you are all doing lots of reading at the moment, and enjoying your books.  Remember that if you want some help choosing your next book, I would LOVE to help you!  Just ask me...

Happy reading, Bookworms!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hi de hi Bookworms!

Isn't it great to be back at school?!  I had a lovely summer holiday, but it was truly time to get back and see all my little bookworms, and our lovely library.

I have been very busy so far this term, getting the library up and running, recruiting some wonderful student librarians and buying new books, books and more books...  Lucky me... and lucky you, too!  The new books do take a bit of time to get ready for you to borrow them.  They need to be stamped and stickered, given a barcode, loaded onto our catalogue (that takes the longest as we need good information on the catalogue so that you can search for them on the search computers) given a classification (you know, the numbers or letters on its spine) and finally, covered and given a pink sticker... whew!

We have some great books on the new bookshelf this week, including the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book - Yippeeeeee!  Its called Hard Luck, and it is very funny!  Check out the book trailer here...

We also have a new Dork Diaries title called Holiday Heartbreak, along with a new Dr Who chapter book, for all those Dr Who fans out there - we know who you are Mrs Todd and Mrs Dunkley!

There is a cool new Pokemon Handbook, and most exciting of all for those millions of children who are constantly asking me for scary, terrifying and nerve-shattering books, the new Encyclopedia Horrifica! Full of vampires, ghosts, monsters and more, this book is chocka block full of fear facts, from Aliens to Zombies!


Come and have a look!  I bet there is something there that you will just love!

Happy reading!