Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Hi there Bookworms!

Every year a lovely bunch of children's books by New Zealand authors are nominated for the New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards.  We all get to vote for the one we think is THE BEST and once the votes are counted, the winners are announced.

Well, last week, the Award Finalists were announced, and now you  get the chance to vote for your  favourite (and win prizes yourself - read further).  Here are the finalists... (drum roll, please!)

Now, if you would like to vote on your favourite NZ children's book, you can do so HERE.  By voting online you could win $1000 worth of book tokens!  Imagine that!  You could buy all of your favourite books and more!

And next term we will be having one of the authors visiting our school.  You will all get the chance to meet Terri Rose Baynton who wrote and illustrated a picture book called Mr Bear Branches and the Cloud Conundrum. It's really delightful!   More on that next term...

Enjoy your holidays, bookworms.  Keep reading, and don't forget to fill out your reading diaries and bring them back next term (more prizes!).

Happy reading! :-)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hi Bookworms!

A couple of nights ago I was lucky enough to go to Paperplus after it had shut up shop for the night.  It was sooooooo exciting to be locked in a bookshop, with the freedom to look at anything with nobody else around - fun, fun, fun! (A bit of a dream come true!)  A lady from a publishing company (Random House) came to talk to me and another librarian about all the cool books that are coming out, and she even gave our school some of them.  Lucky!

Here are some of the new books from Paperplus - they will be coming next term... (I hope you like a good series, because that's what we've got!)

A new series coming is called Dinosaur Hunter.  These books are written by dinosaur-obsessed Robert Irwin, the son of The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin from the Australia Zoo.  In the books, Robert finds himself travelling millions of years back in time, to the time of the dinosaurs... Scary stuff!

And another series that might appeal to slightly older children is Survival Squad.  These will appeal to anyone who enjoys Bear Grylls books and other stories about adventurous people.

I have another two books coming in the Nanny Piggins series.  These are gorgeous stories about a nanny, who happens to be a chocolate loving pig!  She's quite naughty - deliciously funny!

Also have a look at this week's new books - I think the most popular book on the 'New Books' shelf will be a new one in the Tom Gates series.  They're great - especially if you are a fan of the Wimpy Kid series.  There are two more Tom Gates books coming too.

Also on the New Books shelf this week is a Spiderman book, a Star Wars Jedi book and a gorgeous story about Shackleton Bear who travels to Antarctica.  He has become a bit of a celebrity so you can find him on Youtube and also on Facebook.

So, lots of adventurous characters in the library this week! 

Take care and enjoy your reading, Bookworms! :-)