Monday, 17 September 2012

Hello Bookworms!

What a great response we had to the "Oh the Places We'll Read" photo competition. We are in the process of judging right now, and will tell you the winners as soon as we can. Well done to Room 9 who sent in the most entries of any class! Lots of snap happy readers in that class!

There are some lovely new books on the New Books shelf this week. I'm sure you'll all be excited to see a new offering from Hairy McClary author Lynley Dodd. This one is called Slinky Malinki Early Bird, and its about our favourite rapscallion cat! In this story, Slinky likes to wake everybody up nice and early in the morning. He tries lots of different ways to get the family out of bed - he sits on faces, bites toes, leaps on bodies and yowls up a storm! Wonder why he's so keen to get them all out of bed early? You'll just have to read it to find out...

Also on the new book shelf is the first part of a trilogy called The Dragonkeeper, about a slave girl in Ancient China, who saves the life of a dragon only to find that she and the dragon, carrying his mysterious purple stone, have to go on the run across China, to escape a ruthless dragon hunter, and an evil sorcerer. This book has had wonderful reviews and will probably appeal to seniors.

A really fun book on the new bookshelf is How Dinosaurs Really Work!  Have you ever wondered what dinosaurs ate for breakfast, or whether you could beat one in a race?  Well, this book is crammed full of all sorts of interesting facts about dinosaurs with super cool detailed illustrations.  A must read for anyone who's interested in dinosaurs.

Anyway, Bookworms, I'm off to find a good book to read!

Happy reading!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Oh the Places We'll Read Photos

Hi Bookworms! Congratulations to the 10 children who won a prize for simply reading this blog! (If you're wondering how, check out the last line of my last blog post.) Entries are coming in, thick and fast, for our extreme reading photo competition. Have a look at what we have so far...