Monday, 23 July 2012

It is a bit of a sad day today for children, and people who used to be children, in New Zealand.  Yesterday, one of New Zealand's most loved children's authors, Margaret Mahy, died. 

She wrote more than 200 books and poems, and loved children and reading.  Her daughter said that she was "quite eccentric", and "a bit weird" at school, and that's what made her so special! 

My favourite Margaret Mahy book is "Down the back of the Chair" but I also love "A Lion in the Meadow" and "Bubble Trouble", and "A Summery Saturday Morning" and "The Moon and Farmer McPhee" and...  I just can't decide! 

What is your favourite Margaret Mahy book? 

Margaret Mahy was born in Whakatane (my home town!) and she was a librarian before she became a full time author. 

She loved children and loved reading, and always felt that reading time between parents and their children was a good time for a cuddle!

She won lots of awards for her books and last year she won the New Zealand Post Children's Book of the Year award for The Moon & Farmer McPhee with Dunedin illustrator David Elliot.  Some of you met David Elliot at the museum last year.

You might want to watch one of Margaret Mahy's stories, "The Three Legged Cat" here.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Welcome back, little book worms!  I hope you all had a lovely holiday and did lots of exciting things...  I managed to read a couple of big chapter books, which was super dooper!  We had such lovely days for most of the holidays so I bet you were all out and about, going on adventures, riding bikes, ice skating, going for walks in the Redwoods and all those sorts of activities.  I sure hope that you all managed to get some reading in as well.  Am looking forward to seeing all of you in the library this week, and you can tell me all about what you've been up to!

I have a little secret for you children... shhhh... this is not for grown up ears... On the new book shelf this week is a book called...  Poo Bum!    "Well, how rude!" I can hear you all saying!  Yes, well... there are a couple of naughty words in this book   - it is about a naughty little rabbit called Simon who can or will only say two words (“Poo Bum”). He ends up being eaten by a wolf and later saved by his father who is a doctor. Does he learn from his experience? You decide for yourself!

Now, as it's a rainy day today, and there's nothing quite like a story on a rainy day, have a look at the Charlie and Lola story below.  Happy reading, kiddliwinks!