Sunday, 24 June 2012

Well, it is the last week of term - whew! :-)  Two weeks to go on holiday, play in the backyard, mooch with mum and dad, hang out in your pj's, go to the movies, and READ, READ, READ!  Sounds awesome!

Have a look at all of the new magazines in the library this week.  (They are next to the New Books, just in case you didn't know!)  We have a new Bay Fisher magazine, a new one for the motorbike lovers amongst you, and a new Small Blacks rugby magazine with Sonny Bill on the cover.  (Did you watch the game on Saturday?  We were lucky enough to go, and it was soooo exciting!)  Did you also know that we have a number of Jacqueline Wilson magazines, full of stories, crafts, tips for writing your own stories, and quizzes for those that love JW's books!  You might also like to check out the website that accompanies the magazine - And if you're interested in conservation, check out the latest Wild Things magazine from the Kiwi Conservation Club.

Normally at this time, you all return your books to the library, and there is no more borrowing for the term.  This time you can keep your books over the holidays, but you need to do two things - take good care of our books, and read them!  Turn up the volume and have a look at this video - Gotta Keep Reading!  

Monday, 18 June 2012

It's 100 years this year since the Titanic sunk.  This was a ship that was hailed as unsinkable, and yet, on its very first voyage it hit an iceberg and sunk, killing 1517 men, women and children.

Story of the Titanic is my Star Book this week, and presents one of the most tragic events of the 20th Century in a dramatic insight into the Titanic's construction, to it's tragic maiden voyage.  I love this book - the illustrations are amazing, and there are so many interesting facts and diagrams that I couldn't put it down!You'll also read tales of the people on board including the captain, members of the crew, and passengers from first, second, and third class. Great non-fiction!

The Seniors today had the chance to compete in the St Mary's Lego Competition to see who could build the best structure.  The children had to build some kind of creature - whether it was a human, or an animal, a monster, or a mythical creature - and there were some truly creative critters made today!

The winners were Jerome Kilkelly, Riley Thomson and Ronan Dyer with their fabulous dragon, compete with a dragon tail and and a watchful eye. 

Second place went to Eamon Szilagy with a beautiful bird with its gorgeous wings spread out wide. 

Third place was difficult, and was awarded to two teams - John Paul Tolentino and Janna Rutor with their Flying Frog, and Grant Harvey, Joshua Rowe and Blake Umbers for their Defence Lizard.

Well done to all of the children who entered - you did a great job, and it was nice to see you all out of the cold!  Thank you to Mrs Russell for helping to judge today - a very difficult task!

Many of the winning structures from across the school are on display in the library - come and have a look!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

There were some amazingly creative structures built by the middle school children who entered the Lego Competition today.  The children were asked to build some form of transportation - perhaps a car or a rocket, a ship or a plane...  The standard of creations was very high, but there was a clear winner, built by Angus Veitch, Finn Liley and Samuel Rush.  The boys built a helicopter, complete with a landing pad, telecommunications tower, car and carport - the whole package with 200 bricks!  They even had their own cheerleader - Kate Liley - who encouraged them all the way!

Second place went to Max Meredith and Jacob Yates from Room 7 who built a truck and trailer and showed great resourcefulness when they ran out of wheels.  Third place went to Cailyn Trask and Caeli Grigsby, also from Room 7, who built a really creative ski-plane.

 Well done to all of the children who entered, and thank you to the other members of our judging panel, Mr Macmillan and Jerome Kilkelly.  Looking forward to the senior competition next Monday!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Junior Lego Competition was held at lunchtime today and there were certainly some very impressive structures created.  We had an enthusiastic turnout from the junior school and were fortunate to have a number of parents come to watch too, so the library was overflowing! 

The children had to build a house of some kind - maybe a dog house, or a castle, or an igloo, and lots of creativity was on display. The winners were as follows:

1st - Mikulash Joyce, Te Oki Seabourne-Morrison and Delana Cavallaro-Trask (Room 4)
2nd - Toby Coles (Room 14)
3rd - Riley Parkinson, Cormac Barbour and William Greentree (Room 15)

Well done all of you!
Winners- Te Oki, Mikulash and Delana

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Much excitement in the library as the Lego Competition starts tomorrow.  Who is going to build the best structure??? If you want to enter, remember that Juniors need to bring their Lego to the library at 12.45 tomorrow - Thursday 7th June.  Are you a Lego Legend?

Monday, 4 June 2012

Check out this week's Star Book - "It's a Book" by Lane Smith.  This is a funny little tale of a book loving monkey, a tech savvy donkey and a cheeky little mouse, as the donkey discovers the joy and mystery of books!  Great characters, illustrations and a nice commentary about books in our techy world.  My favourite bit is when the donkey translates the story about Long John Silver into Txt speak!
Have a look at the Youtube clip below.